Top 3 Dive Sites in South East Asia

The south china sea is home to some of the best diving spots in Asia. Normally when people think of scuba diving in Asia they think of scuba diving malaysia. But Asia has much more to offer and while most of them are in Malaysia, we’ll try to not include too many from there and try to explore the different parts of Asia. scuba test 1 diving spots are put on these list based on various parameters such as diving reviews from various divers around the world and the quality of service over there.

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Island of Similan, Thailand

The island of Similan in Thailand is one of the best diving spots you can visit while in south east asia. The island is known for its crystal blue waters that make the diving experience a memorable one. One of the best times to go diving in the year is around may as the species in the body of water surrounding the straits of malacca find their way to the south china sea and you can see all kinds of various sea creatures and they blend together so well with the coral reef that you can find there.

Komodo, Indonesia

Komodo Diving Resort is known to be one of the best diving spots in the world. The Coral reefs that can be found here are amazing because some of them are native to Komodo, Indonesia. They are also known for the coral grottos that you can dive into to see the branch of the exoskeletons that not many people will get the opportunity to see. However, If you do want to dive here then you would first need to achieve the advanced level of diving because of the strong current of the waters. The waters have been reported to reach up to 13km/h during midday. One of the reasons why people go to Komodo is also to see the fishes there. The oceanic rays that can be found here are also reported to be one of the largest in the world. Some are even said to weigh upwards a reported 3 tons. This is only one of the many enormous oceanic aquatic species that can be found here. Others that have been reported are various breeds of sharks, kraits, squids and other aquatic animals.

Daanbantayan, Philippines

Perched in the middle of the Daanbantayan region of Philippines is a small island called Malapascua. Now Malapascua is a little different from the other dive sites that are mentioned in this list. Malapascua is a part of the Visayan sea and it’s not really home to many or any coral reefs in fact. The Visayan trench is pretty deep in the sea so you can’t really see the corals on the ocean floor. Malapascua is home to a special kind of shark known as the thresher shark. This is the only place in the world where you can view them so it’s a sight you don’t wanna miss.

Hopefully these places will bring in more visitors into malaysia so they can see the amazing sights that the south china sea has to offer.

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