How Wi-fi Has Helped Students

TM Unifi package

Wi-fi, during the pandemic, has been a great tool for students on a budget in various ways to ensure that they make the most of a hard situation. Below are some of the ways it has helped and continues to help students all over the world.

1.     Staying in touch with loved ones

The pandemic has made it difficult to travel, and thus it has limited how often students abroad get to interact with their family and friends. However, wi-fi connections have kept them surrounded by their loved ones in the virtual sense. Video-calls, phone-calls and texts are a great way to stay in touch with them and students who are abroad get to use these functions to communicate with those back home regularly without paying too much money for it. 

2.     Education

With education now mostly based online, wi-fi has become a necessity and not a want. Students are reliant on wi-fi for classes, for lecture videos and instructor-student consultations as well as group assignments meetings that cannot be held in person. Not only these, but wi-fi is necessary for submissions and examination attendances. The closing of public buildings such as libraries and bookstores. Students are required to rely on the internet to purchase study material or look up useful guides on subjects or interests or topics they do not understand. TM Unifi package ensures that students get the best quality education as possible from their screens, providing video and audio clarity during meetings. 

TM Unifi package

3.     Entertainment

Entertainment is a great way to step back from reality and relax. It comes in various forms but for many it includes music, shows and videos. The availability of content online and wi-fi have made it easier to enjoy the productions of others, be it music or new movies. Wi-fi gives us access to these  when we want to relax after a hard long day. Social media inspires us to try new things for entertainment, like arts and crafts or sewing and knitting, or perhaps, if we enjoy cooking as a hobby, we can look up recipes and attempt to bake a new chocolate cake. The possibilities of entertainment with wi-fi are endless. Gaming systems are more fun, more inclusive and less expensive than before because many of them are online. Interactive games are not for everyone, the internet has intellectual games available for download.

4.     Health

The pandemic continues to be difficult on the body. Gyms and other activity enterprises have been forced to shut down for the time-being to prevent the spread of infection. Thank goodness wi-fi has got students covered! There are thousands of instructive videos on YouTube and Instagram showing workout routines. Some are modified to fit in a small space like an apartment, while others use the outdoors for their exercise routines. Many of them offer one-on-one meetings with their clients to ensure they give them the best health advice. Material on mental health is also available online for students struggling with their mental health. Several therapists hold their sessions online to help students cope with whatever they are dealing with.

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