How to obtain your diving license

How To Obtain Your Diving License

Are you one of those people that really enjoy the ocean lifestyle? Do you wish you could just dive into the sea so you could see all the beautiful fishes and corals that you can see on the ocean floor? When most people travel to exotic destinations like Pulau Redang, Belize or Indonesia. They don’t realise that you need to be a certified diver before you can just jump in and view the ocean floor. If you think about it, it makes complete sense. Diving in the vast ocean without formal training on how to use the equipment or what to do in certain scenarios can lead to dangerous scenarios that may lead to death.

If you’re a malaysian then it would be pretty easy for you to obtain your diving license. You can take a weekend trip to perhentian island and get it done. Most of the time when people find out about the diving license, they don’t know what it encompasses. The course describes a three fold part to the core of the course.

Diving Knowledge Mastery

When you first join the diving course, You will be given a crash course on the basic fundamentals of diving. Things like picking out the right equipment for the dive and learning the basic gestures to use underwater like dive up, dive down, oxygen low and abort. They will even give you some in depth knowledge on how to organize dives so that you can do it on your own. However if you’re planning on diving on your own after obtaining your diving license then you would have to enroll for level 2 as there are levels to this.

Constricted Water Diving
This part of the dive is pretty important and may be crucial later onwards as you may learn some life saving tips when you’re diving in constricted waters. This also helps you get in touch with your equipment so you know how they work. One of the things that will help you in this is the protocol on what happens when you get water in your breathing apparatus. best diving courses in Malaysia will train you on this until you get used to it so well that you’re ready to try diving properly.

This part will probably be the most fun of your whole diving license lesson. You will take to the open waters to test out your diving knowledge and acumen. You will be put into real world situations so that your instructor can assess if you’re ready to advance to the next level or graduate where you are depending on what you want.

If you take all of these into account, It’s not a hard thing to do. It’s definitely an experience that you can try out. There are many places in Malaysia that offer the PADI diving license. Perhentian can be a great place to get your license. However, if you really want a great experience then scuba diving redang might be a great choice for you as the waters and instructors are amazing.

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