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This is a detail that we often forget, but which will be very useful to you when planning the purchase of a house. Indeed, it can happen that an insurance company refuses to insure a property. Sometimes this can be the history of the house, as in the case of repeated flooding. In other cases, it is the sector that is considered dangerous and risky. A quick phone call to verify insurability will confirm your intentions to buy the home.

Plan for Home Buying Costs

When planning a home purchase and finances, it is important to include the many upfront costs. Not only is there the moving, the inspection, the welcome tax, the notary’s fees, the change of address fees for service companies, property and school taxes. Ultimately, these amounts can be a significant portion of your budget if you haven’t planned for them before purchasing the Ara Damansara property.

 Include the costs of daily living before buying the home

While you have your calculator in hand, also try to predict the monthly or annual costs of your future home. This calculation will help you budget and plan to buy a home that meets your needs. For example, an old house will probably cost you more in heating than a recent construction. Or if you are buying a condo, find out about condo fees for the contingency fund. This will allow you to be more financially comfortable and to avoid unforeseen events.

Find a qualified home inspector before buying a home

Have you planned a home purchase well, followed the tips on this list, and are now ready to move on? Contact your home inspector once the offer to purchase is accepted. Most of the time, you will have a few days to have your home inspected. Scheduling an appointment with your home inspector is therefore judicious: you will ensure his availability and receive a well-written report.

Additionally, if the inspector finds serious problems with the house, it could justify withdrawing your offer. This additional protection is therefore essential. Note that home inspections are also recommended in winter, even when many places are snowy and inaccessible. To learn more about winter inspections, read our article on it.

Planning the purchase of your home is the key

As you have seen, planning to buy a home in your desired location even if it may be Mont Kiara or Ara Damansara, is key to your long-term peace of mind and serenity. The more you know in advance, the more you avoid the risk of unpleasant surprises. This will ensure that your dream home stays that way for a long time. This is why, at Custom Inspection, it is our duty to carry out a detailed inspection and give you a report that validates the status of your future investment.

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